Masaryk University

2020 - present: Methodology for Information and Library Studies 2 (VIKBA31/ ISKB15) [whole course]

2019 - present: Methodology for Information and Library Studies 1 (VIKBA12/ ISKB06) [whole course]

2019 - present: Bachelor Thesis Seminar: Methodology of LIS (ISKM04) [1 lecture]

2021 - present: Psychology and the Internet (PSYb1740) [1 lecture]

2020 - 2022: Extended Introduction to the Statistical Inference (PSMB051) [3 lectures]

2019 - 2022: Research Practice (PS_BA027) [1 lecture]

2020: Quantitative Data Analysis (ISKM68) [whole course]

Mendel University

2020: Sociology and Psychology (SAP_T) [half of the course]

Supervised theses

2024: Analytical and Holistic Thinking in the Czech Population: An Exploration Using Latent Profile Analysis πŸ”“

2023: Trends in Research of Cross-Cultural Differences in Holistic Versus Analytic Cognitive Style: A Systematic Review πŸ”“

2023: Open Access in scientific communication from the author’s viewpoint πŸ”“

2022: The influence of shared music preferences on interpersonal bonding through values and personality traits πŸ”“

2022: Perception and emotional experience in sight-reading violinists πŸ”“

2022: Cognitive style in Czech population: Demographic variables as predictors of analytic and holistic cognition πŸ”“

2022: Searching for an affordable method of modern response time analysis in measuring the analytic/holistic cognitive style πŸ”“

2021: The Relationship between Analytic/Holistic Cognitive Style and Information Retrieval πŸ”“

2020: The Impact of Analytic/Holistic Cognitive Style on Task-Solving in Cartographic Stimuli πŸ”“