Articles in Web of Science (SCIE, SSCI & AHCI)

First published in 2024

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First published in 2023

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First published in 2022

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First published in 2021

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First published in 2020

1. Lacko, D., Šašinka, Č., Čeněk, J., Stachoň, Z., Lu, W. (2020). Cross-Cultural Differences in Cognitive Style, Individualism/Collectivism and Map Reading between Central European and East Asian University Students. Studia Psychologica, 62(1), 23-42. Doi: 10.31577/sp.2020.01.789 [JCR 2020: Q4, IF = 0.85, AIS = 0.30] 🔓 💾

Other peer-reviewed articles

7. Konečná, J., Kalinová, N., Křesáková, N., Lacko, D., Riegel, K. (2023). Chronické komplikace diabetu a diabetický distres – prevalence, souvislosti a vliv osobnosti pacienta [Chronic complications of diabetes and diabetes distress - Prevalence, association and influence of paritent's personality]. Diabetologie, metabolismus, endokrinologie, výživa (DMEV), 26(4), 131-137. [SCOPUS 2022: Q4, SJR = 0.11] 🔓

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Articles in preparation

Lacko, D., Machackova, H., & Slavík, D. (under review). The Influence of Online Advertising on Adolescents’ Perceived Credibility of Information Related to the Fitness/Dietary Supplements.

Lacko, D., Čeněk, J., Arikan, A., Dresler, T., Galang, A. J., Stachoň, Z., Šašinková, A., Tsai, J-L., Prošek, T., Ugwitz, P., & Šašinka, Č. (under review). Investigating the Cross-Cultural Differences in the Analytic/Holistic Cognitive Styles of Eleven Countries. 🔓

Lacko, D., Machackova, H., & Šmahel, D. (under review). Does Violence in Video Games Impact Aggression and Empathy? A Longitudinal Study of Czech Adolescents to Differentiate Within- and Between-Person Effects. 🔓

Šašinková, A., Lacko, D., & Šašinka, Č. (under review). Affective Experience of Learning English in Virtual Reality: Feels Just Like the Real Thing. 

Konečná, J., Lacko, D., & Rieger, K. (under review). Subjectively experienced diabetes distress and DSM-5 personality traits: evidence from the Czech validation sample.

Slavík, D., Lacko, D., & Macek, J. (under review). The Effect of The Chain of Trust on Credibility of News On Facebook.

Graf, S., Prati, F., Lacko, D., Hřebíčková, M., Kenfack, C. S. K., Rubini, M., Točík, J., & Zingora, T. (under review). Acculturation mediates the effect of intergroup contact with majority on immigrants’ behavior toward the majority and collective action: The role of immigrants’ status. 

Halámková, D., Dostálová, N., Lacko, D., Portešová, Š., Straka, O., Lu, W-L., & Šašinka, Č. (under review). Reading as an Individual Style: Investigation of the Stability of Reading Styles and their Relationship to Cognitive Strategies.

Čeněk, J., Halámková, D., Caha, J., Lacko, D., Kosová, P., Stachoň, Z., Tsai, J-L., Ahenkan, A., Dresler, T., Lüdtke, J., Dostálová, N., Šašinková, A., Ugwitz, P., & Šašinka, Č. (under review). Cross-cultural analysis of eye-movement patterns in visual scene perception: A study of seven cultural samples. 🔓

Portešová, Š., Straka, O., Veenman, M. V., Lacko, D., Šašinka, Č., & Jabůrek, M. (under review). Learning strategies in gifted students with low and high levels of metacognition: An eye-tracking study.

Šašinka, Č., Jochecová, K., Šašinková, A., Kvarda, O., Šedová, H., Lacko, D., Hanus, M., Krajňáková, L., Chmelík, J., & Stachoň, Z. (under review). Does Teaching in Collaborative Immersive Virtual Reality Offer an Advantage? A Study of a Lesson in Hypsography

Knedlíková, L., Dědková, L., Kolář, S., Česká, K., Vyhnalová, M., Stroupková, L., Pejčochová, J., Theiner, P., Lacko, D., Horák, O., Ošlejšková, H., & Danhofer, P. (under review). The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on stress and coping in parents of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Kowal, M., Sorokowski, P., Roberts, C., Misiak, M., Bode, A., Janssen, S., García, F., Ozer, S., Gjoneska, B., Lidborg, L., Dubrov, D., Varella, M., Grigoryev, D., Mebarak, M., Mattiassi, A., Contreras-Garduño, J., Nussinson, R., Stöckli, S., ... Lacko, D., ... Zumárraga-Espinosa, M. (registered report under review). Predictors of romantic love experiences across a multitude of nationally representative samples.

Conference proceedings

11. Prošek, T., Lacko, D., Alizey, J., & Novotná, A. (2022). Měření maladaptivních rysů v pracovní psychologii: Předběžné výsledky psychometrické studie [Measuring maladaptive traits in occupational psychology: Preliminary psychometric results]. Psychologie práce a organizace. 🔓

10. Wolfová, K., Lacko, D., & Slováčková, Z. (2021). Vybrané psychologické aspekty pracovní angažovanosti u středoškolských učitelů [Specific psychological aspects of work engagement among secondary school teachers]. Sociální procesy a osobnost 2020. 🔓

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3. Klicperová-Baker, M., Šerek, J., & Lacko, D. (2022). Válka posílila sounáležitost Čechů s demokratickou Evropou a se Západem [The war strengthened Czechs' belonging to democratic Europe and the West]. Czech Academy of Sciences. 🔓

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1. Lacko, D. (2019). Proč hlupák zůstává hlupákem? A další psychologické fenomény [Why a fool remains a fool and other psychological phenomena]. Brno: Akademické nakladatelství CERM. ISBN: 978-80-7623-005-7.

Meeting abstracts

4. Lacko, D. (2023). Development of prejudice, fear and behaviour that limits spread of COVID-19 in 6 European countries. International Journal of Psychology, 58(SUPPL 1), S111-S112.

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1. Konečná, J., Lacko, D., & Riegel, K. D. (2022). Relationship between elevated diabetes distress and DSM-5 personality traits: evidence from the Czech validation sample. Diabetologia, 65(SUPPL 1), S90.

Popularization articles

19. Lacko, D. (2024). Watching violent video games instead of playing them: Does streamers’ aggressive commentary increase adolescents’ aggression?. Masaryk University. 🔓

18. Lacko, D. (2017). Manželství jako psychologický vztah: Polemika s Jungem [Marriage as a psychological relationship: A polemic with Jung]. K zamyšlení. 🔓

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